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If you have current or future sampling events to implement; we can help you.

The initial concept and development of the Snap Sampler technology was a result of a practicing hydrogeologist striving to understand the factors that impact sampling variations and to create a better sampling method. Since its introduction in 2004, the Snap Sampler has consistently delivered high quality samples in an ever-increasing market.  In 2018, QED Environmental Systems acquired the Snap Sampler technology, giving the Snap method more opportunity to grow in the groundwater sampling market and provide clients with better overall options for their sampling programs.


What are some specific ways we can help address your sampling challenges?

Is sampling just taking too long or costing you too much money?

Snap Sampling was designed as a replacement technology well purging approaches that can be time-consuming and generate waste. With high data quality in mind, the Sampler seals your samples downhole and allows you to collect samples passively—eliminating the purge step in groundwater sampling. Quick and easy; no waste; sealed in situ: a great way to improve cost, efficiency, and data quality.

Is sampling variability forcing you to incur the expense of additional sampling events?

Sample variability is often either overlooked or poorly understood as a mechanism to confuse data analysis. The use of Snap Samplers has been shown to reduce data variability by as much as 50% over traditional well sampling techniques. This allows for the trends in data to be more visually apparent and provides evidence for plume stability or remediation effectiveness with fewer sampling events than would be needed using purge-based sampling equipment or methods.

Are you trying to better understand contaminant flux in a heterogeneous aquifer?

Multi-level monitoring is an approach that is becoming more necessary as detail-oriented analyses and remedies are required. The use of Snap Samplers for multi-level sampling in existing monitoring wells has been presented as several conferences and training events. With this application, simple baffles are used with Snap Samplers to evaluate the potential impact of geologic variations, like the presence of sand stringers, in water bearing zone of an existing monitoring wells. This can identify specific preferential pathways for contaminant influx through multilevel data collection without the expense of installing additional wells.

Is purge water collection and disposal costing your project?

Using the Snap Sampler eliminates the need to collect and dispose of purge water for each sampling event. This is particularly important for sampling groundwater contaminated with chemicals categorized as hazardous waste.

Are you spending more time watching turbidity than actually collecting your sample for metals analyses?

When sampling for metals even low levels of turbidity in the sample can adversely impact the results. Additionally some state protocols prohibit the use of filtered samples. The Snap Sampler provides a quick and easy way to collect a groundwater sample that is dynamically connected to the aquifer without actively changing the water turbidity through the collection process.  "Snapping" occurs in an instant without mobilizing particles as other methods are known to do.

Do you have trouble sampling from depths exceeding 200 feet?

The latest Snap Sampler development—the pneumatic trigger—allows sampling at virtually any depth. A downhole actuator does all the work for you, right at the screen interval you need to target. A low pressure tire pump is all you need to sample practically wherever and whenever you need.

As former regulators and consultants professionals at QED intimately understand the needs for consistently applied, cost effective, and representative groundwater sampling methods. Incorporating Snap Samplers can help improve the consistency of your sampling program and support data quality objectives. Call us today to discuss your specific sampling needs.

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